About Me

Hello! I'm Catherine, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Bristol, England.

Now, that introduction makes me sound like I'm an X Factor contestant so I'll add some more details... I am a repeat offender with Disney International Programs - I've undertaken two summer international college programs, the first was in 2008 and I worked in the Magic Kingdom (on Main St USA no less!) in Merchandise - if you want to read about those adventures then follow this link: http://magicalsummer2008.blogspot.com

My second college program was in 2010 and I worked in the Hollywood Studios at the Star Tours ride as I was in attractions. Random fact: I was the last international cast member to work at the attraction before it "powered down" and became Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue in 2011. I think that's pretty cool for an attraction which was about 21 years old. I also had a blog for this program which you can see here: http://magicalsummer2010.blogspot.com (as you can see, I'm very original with blog names....)

During my program in 2010 I made some amazing friends and had the time of my life. I honestly thought that my Disney book was closed until I discovered that applications for the Cultural Representative Program were open, I had no "proper" job despite just graduating from University (I went to Bournemouth in case you're interested) and I was missing Disney badly! So... I applied. And here we are with my 3rd College Program blog... I was a Food & Beverage CRP Cast Member at the Rose & Crown in EPCOT's UK Pavilion from November 1st 2011 to January 4th 2013 (I extended!) and it was the most amazing year of my life. Enjoy.

P.S. If you want to contact me to ask me questions etc, my email address for this blog is... catherinesmagicalyear2012@hotmail.co.uk (original, huh!)