Various things I have over heard at Walt Disney World... or have had said to me...

"So, have you ever been to England?"

Whilst waiting to watch Wishes... Boy 1: "So, what do you reckon Cinderella is doing up there in her castle?" Boy 2: "I think she's getting naked."

Guest: "Hello." Me: "Ummm... hello..." Guest: *awkward pause whilst she stares at me* "Sooo... do you have any other greetings in the UK in any language other than English?" Me: "Not really..." Guest: "Oh. That's a pity." *walks off*

"What country is this?"

"What is UK?"

"Do you do American food here?"

Guest: "Where's mickey's house? You know... the castle?" CM: "You mean the one at the Magic Kingdom?" Guest: "Yeah, I think so. I thought it was in this park?" CM: "No sir, this is EPCOT."

Guest on ECV to her relative: "Get out of the way so I can get myself some cider!!"

CM taking a picture of a group of guests: "What does Mickey eat??" Guest: "MICE!"

Guest: "We went to London. We didn't like it... We met a rude bus driver on the first day and that was it. We got on a train and left London and went to another part of the country."

Guest: "Sooo... do you speak normal?" Me: "Er... what do you mean by normal?" Guest: "Like, y'know, normally?" Me: "You mean with an American accent?" Guest: "Yeah! I mean, you can't keep that accent you've got up all the time right? Because you do speak normal sometimes?"

Guest: "What is this... Fish and Chips?"
Me: "Um... North Atlantic Cod and Fries..."
Guest: "So... y'all have sweet potato fries??"
Me: "Um.... noooo...."

"D'y'all have Sprite?"

"Is there any other restaurants around here?"

"I'll have that Frisbee and Apple Salad..." (It's Frisee, a type of lettuce...)

"What does bugger mean?"

"What do you get with the Fish & Chips? Do you get fries?" (I have had this numerous times....)

Guest: "I'll have that pomme-pomugh-po-" Me: "Pomegranate lemonade?"

"Where can I get normal kid's food round here? Like chicken fingers?"

Guest stops me as I walk through the park to the UK: "Hey, where can I go ride that train ride?" Me: "Ummm... train ride?" Guest: "Yeah, that one *points at monorail*" Me: "Ohhh, well that's the monorail. It's actually a form of transportation to Magic Kingdom, it's not really a ride." Guest: "So where's the line?" Me: "Well you'd have to exit EPCOT and follow the signs but you'll end up at Magic Kingdom..." Guest: "Well, I don't want to do that". Me: "Ooooookayy..."