Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Waiting Game

Well, applications are now closed (as of almost two weeks ago actually) and I've been busying myself with working almost full-time hours at the Disney Store which has been great. I have actually been enjoying it on the whole - being busy is a blessing. We had a VIP visit from one of the Big Cheeses last week which gave the store a big focus and yesterday was the start of my first week of paid holiday (since about 2007!!) so I'm off this week. Apart from a 4.5 hour shift on Monday which I caved into doing just because they needed an extra pair of hands! I'm a pushover...

So there isn't too much to say except that I'm stalking the WDWIP boards as usual and trying not to let myself into the hype of counting down the days to hoping that we recieve emails on April 1st... which is unlikely anyway. YJ said that they would be reviewing applications during March and then letting people know about phone interviews in early April... so I personally think it's going to be about another month of waiting. I may be wrong of course but they have a LOT of applications to go through so I'm going to be patient. I have been trying to gauge the time scale for the CRP applications this year and I reckon that the phone interviews will be around the second two weeks of April... emails will go out early May regarding the face to face interviews and these will be held in the second two weeks of May/early June. I'm on holiday between the 9th and 17th of May so I'm praying nothing is going to clash with this!!

It's just a case of sitting tight for now!

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