Saturday, 18 June 2011

Still excited!

So it's been a few days since I found out that I was going, I actually found out first thing on Weds (15th) morning but I didn't publish the last post until a couple of days later because I forgot I made it a private post. Fail.

So the last few days have mainly consisted of talking about Florida constantly to anyone who'll listen! As I haven't had any paperwork or my Disney pack yet (not expecting that for a good few weeks yet) I can't really make any plans but I have now finally caught up with Nick. He's been working crazy hours back at Star Tours in the Hollywood Studios (where I was for my last ICP) and that coupled with the time difference means we've barely both been awake and free to chat... seizing the chance to talk to him did, however, mean waking up at 6am... but it was worth it! Now that we've chatted about it, I'm even more excited for the 1st November! I hope to fly over there a few days beforehand - the one way flights are only about £320 which is crazily cheap so I hope I can book it reasonably soon. I even have that money already!

Talking of money, it is a relief I can finally PLAN how much money to save and all that jazz. I'm hoping to put at least £1500 into my Disney fund.... I'll need roughly £700 just for the flight, insurance for 4 months and the visa, plus I'll need about £300 for my first couple of weeks and then I want to take as much spending money as possible. I've got just over four months to earn the moolah so I think it's achievable especially seen as the summer holiday is almost upon us which means Back To School - my 7th at Clarks!!!! 7th!!!!!!! Obscene. I have a feeling it will be my last. However, it also means lots of overtime in both jobs thus more money in the Disney Fund!

So... I shall try and restrict myself to posting now and again on this blog and not constantly. This is already my 11th blog post and I have only just got onto the program! I'm debating whether to try doing a couple of vlogs about the applications process for YouTube but we shall see... not sure I can like the sound of my own voice that much! For now, I have to start writing lists, clearing out my room/clothes and saving money like you've never seen before! :D

Also, on a side note - congratulations to all those who also got dates! And for those that got waitlisted, you've just got to keep thinking positively because as Walt said "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

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  1. A whole year in the states!! Now you can find out where Kentucky actually is :p