Thursday, 28 April 2011

Roll on 4th June...!

Well, it's the day before a historic event is happening in the form of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine 'Kate' Middleton, I'm super excited about it despite the saturated media coverage... let's face it, mainly because her name is the same as mine! Heehee!

Anyway, the point of this post is to say - I have a face to face interview!!! I am mucho excited about this and it's on the 4th June at the Disney HQ in Hammersmith. That place is AMAZING and I can't wait to go back! It will be nice to have an interview in the warmer climate and so not have to carry a coat around with me! I already booked my train tickets (leaving Bristol at 6.31am - ouch!) and it should get into Paddington at 8.07am. Now, this does only leave me with about 50 minutes to get to the interviews but it's only about 6 stops on the tube on one line so I'm hoping I'll be okay. Last time I travelled there I was going from Waterloo station which was why it took me longer so I'm hoping I'll have plenty of time and will successfully find the back entrance to Disney HQ as, again, it's a Saturday and the front entrance will probably be shut!

So, this will probably be my last post for a while seen as the interview is over a month away...  in the mean time I will be trying to prepare for the questions and of course, deciding what to wear!


  1. Mouse Ears, obviously! :p Get prepared for that awful question, "What's your worst quality as an employee" and I will flog you with a stick if you say anything along the lines of "I'm a perfectionist," "Sometimes I just care too much!" etc. Once I was asked how many golf balls would fit in a jumbo jet in an interview... I blanked and launched into a lengthy diatribe regarding how it would depend on the make of the jet, whether it contained cargo, passengers, or seats, and how full the jet needed to be in order to be considered 'full.' Then I went home and googled it. Turns out, it's a legit question that a lot of Fortune 500 companies use!

  2. So excited for us having interviews! The big WHAT THE WEAR question is going to be looming over me for the next month! I think it's an excellent excuse to go shopping.