Monday, 25 July 2011

100 days!

Okay, so I'm a day late with this post but I had a day from hell yesterday due to work and just had to sleep at the end of it! But yes, 100 DAYS 'til I'm back working for the Mouse in the sunshine state! I can't wait! It's a milestone and I'm gonna try to keep track of the days without obsessing over it but excitingly I get to hand my notice in for one of my jobs this week... I have to give 6 weeks notice so that means I'll be leaving in early September. As for my job at the Disney Store, I will probably keep working there right up to when I leave - all those extra pennies needed for my trips to ihop remember!

I also went onto the Virgin website and chose my seat which was rather exciting. I've opted to go for a normal meal this time - usually I choose the veggie option even though I'm not vegetarian because I used to be a super fussy eater. But now, I'm not so bad! Therefore, normal option it is.

The only other piece of notable news is that I finally got my Disney Pack!! Whilst most of the information in it is pretty standard stuff that I've had for my previous programs... I got my offer letter which is ALWAYS exciting to receive! It lists my pay rate as $8.05/hr for QS F&B so that's pretty good really as it converts to £4.91! Well, better than the £3(ish) per hour I got on my first program anyway! Thank you exchange rate!

I also want to say a big hello to Samantha, Clare and Sophie who also all start on November 1st! Whilst I don't think we'll be travelling together, I'm super excited to meet up before we check in at Vista and hopefully have some fun the night before! :)

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