Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Flight booked!

Quick update to say that I've booked my flight! Exciting times! I am leaving London Gatwick on 29th October 2011, on the 1pm flight with Virgin Atlantic. This means that I can drive up with my parents in the morning and be in Orlando at 5pm local time to meet Nick and find some fast food! Let's face it, the reason I'm going three days before my program start date is so that I can hit up the fast food joints and indulge in ihop, chick-fil-a, wendy's, olive garden, zaxby's.....!

I also booked my insurance at the same time as I got a 10% discount by booking them both through STA Travel. I have to say that they've been great value for money - the flight cost me £325 (one-way!) and the insurance was approximately £160 including a excess waiver (that's a vital thing to check you've got or you could end up having to pay £75-100 per claim should you need to use your insurance...). The flight is even changeable - it's £85 per change which isn't too bad if it's necessary. I can also phone them to extend my insurance if I want to continue it for the whole year after the first 4 months so it's all very flexible.

Although this means I'm parting with £480-ish pounds in one go, I'm also glad it's a big chunk of the spending over and done with. Apart from the visa and housing fee, it's all about saving from now on!

Also, a little plug on this post - I just checked out Dan's blog (click here to see it) which he's updated now he's got a date for the CRP to go in March 2012! He put up a picture which I'm going to steal and post up now which shows the change in visitor numbers throughout the year at WDW:

It's very exciting that I'm going to be able to see the changes all through the year at the WDW Resort - to be able to see Christmas and Thanksgiving properly will be amazing as well as the EPCOT festivals - food & wine and flower & garden! It also occurred to me that it will be strange to do traditions and orientation of the park wearing our professional attire and NOT be melting from the heat as it will be November this time!

Here's my picture of the post from Simple Disney Things:

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