Saturday, 10 September 2011


I'm not quite ready to pack yet, don't worry! But I have done a couple of Vlogs about packing (got quite into this vlogging thing...! Link is above on the links page!) and said I'd back it up with a blog post as well. Actually, I suppose in a roundabout way I have started my packing because I've been clearing out the piles of rubbish from my room, recycling clothes and putting stuff in my "Florida drawer"...

Okay people, so here's what you need to know about packing to move to Florida for either the ICP (summer) program or CRP...

Hand Luggage
    • Passport and photocopies of the front/back cover, visa page and photo page
    • Birth certificate and photocopy
    • Driving licence (if you have one)
    • Flight itinerary and ticket print outs
    • The DS2019 (for ICP) or I-797 (for CRP) for - this is a very important document, don't lose it!
    • Proof of your insurance
    • Reciept of paying your program assessment fee (you pay this about a month before you go)
    • Social security card (only if you've worked in America before)
  • Money - your $$$, a few £££ for the airport and a credit card if you have one - just for emergencies ;)
  • Phone
  • Camera (it's nice to document the flight if you're going with a big group of ICPs haha)
  • Ipod/books/magazine etc for the 9 hour flight
  • Liquids in a clear sealed bag in no more than 100ml bottles... totally no more than 1000ml. You know the drill.
  • Laptop - depending on the airline you may be able to take this in a seperate bag. Make sure it's easily accessible because you'll need to take it out of the bag for the x-ray machine.
Hold Luggage
  •   Chargers - for phone, camera, laptop, Ipod, whatever electronics you're bringing...
  • American plug adapters for the aforementioned chargers... (I recommend bringing 2 or 3)
  • Hairdryer/Straighteners - ensure that they are dual voltage or suitable for use in America... otherwise they won't work or will be really 'weak'.
  • Any brand-name stuff you know you can't buy over there... or make-up wipes because I have yet to find them in the quantity you can get them in any Boots over here.
  • Any medications/contact lenses and the prescriptions to go with them.
  • If you own one, a padlock/combination lock for your locker in your room. If not, you can buy this at Walmart.
  • Any chocolate/home comforts/photos you want to bring.
  • A small bag/rucksack suitable for taking around the parks or using on a daily basis.
  • Swimming stuff & a beach towel which you can use as a normal towel until you get to Walmart to buy a bath towel... (see below)
  • Normal clothes - enough for 2 weeks, as if you were going on holiday. You're going to spend 75% of your time in costume so you probably won't need as many clothes as you think you will! Plus, you have the use of a washer and dryer wherever you're living...
  • Shoes - probably only 3 or 4 pairs are necessary - flip flops, trainers/comfortable shoes, high heels and a pair of suitable black shoes for traditions/training... heels optional but I would personally go for flats as there's lots of walking involved in training/orientation.
  • Business clothing for traditions and training - I would say 3 days worth. Smart trousers or skirt and shirts are fine. Disney don't like sleeveless things so ensure there are sleeves and they're not see-through or too low-cut and you'll be fine.
  • Toiletries... I suggest mini versions because they take up a lot less space and weight in your luggage. It means you can just buy the full size versions once you get to Walmart.
Okay, so I've mentioned Walmart in several places throughout that list. This is because you'll be taking yourself there within the first 24 hours to buy vital stuff... my top tips are to bring 2 flat sheets and a rolled up pillow (easily found in ASDA or Tesco for cheap) in your luggage and then buy any additional bedding at Walmart. Buy bath towels, full size toileteries, sun cream, make up and work shoes at Walmart too (with the shoes, it depends on your role - Disney might supply/source them for you).

Okay, I think that's about it... it's 7 weeks today until I fly (that's 49 days!) and I've had my first Disney-related nightmare (hopefully not the first of many)... plus I've got my first "last day" tomorrow for one of my jobs which will be crazy!


  1. Hello, I just saw your youtube video about pay during the college program. I was wondering if it is possible to actually make and save any money while you are there, or do you end up spending most on food and going out? Also, are you allowed to work overtime or volunteer for extra hours?

  2. It depends on your program to be honest and your job role. If you're only out there for a summer it's unlikely you'll be able to save much, it depends how much you spend going out, eating and activites that cost money! If you're going out for a year it's more likely you'd be able to save some money. If you're in a tipped position you'd almost definitely be able to save but if you're hourly it would be harder. You have a minimum of 30 hours a week on a college program but more often than not you work automatic overtime - up to 60/70 hours in total for insane weeks! And you can also pick up extra shifts using an online system if you want to work extra hours! :)