Sunday, 30 October 2011

I'm here!

Okay, so to sum up the last 24 hours:

The Flight: Was nearly 10 hours long because of bad weather in the New York area it had to take a different route... other than that it was very smooth, hardly any turbulence and the food was awesome! I had cheesy pasta, bread roll and chocolate mousse for lunch, an ice cream, then an egg sandwich and a cookie for "tea" and they were constantly bringing drinks. Well done Virgin Atlantic. The people who sat next to me were an older couple but I figured they weren't married or anything - in fact they didn't even seem to know each other too well. He was quite pleasant, sitting on the aisle but she was a grumpy old cowbag! She barely spoke to him for the whole flight and just moaned all the time. Unfortunately she was sitting next to me as I had the window seat. In other news, I watched Super 8 (it was okay, I lost track in the middle because I was eating), Cars 2 (I fell asleep for an hour in the middle of it), Glee (Nationals in New York!! One of the best episodes!) and then listened to a bit of Will Young's new album and the Glee 3D Concert Soundtrack on the audio channels. So yes, thumbs up for the flight. The landing was amazing too.

Arrival at MCO: The customs queue was an hour long which sucked. But the customs lady was nice and processed my Q1 visa without much hassle. I picked up my cases straight off the carosel next to customs and then went to arrivals. Cue massive confusion for about 30 minutes. I had no phone and I was an hour late arriving so Nick couldn't find me.. and I couldn't find him! I had no coins for a payphone and the annoying man at the information desk refused to call him for me as it wasn't a "local" number. Anyway, then I remembered the fact there is free wifi in Orlando Airport so after a quick bit of Facebooking we finally located each other. It took a while to find the car because we got lost but then we were on our way... I finally let the airport at about 7.30pm.

Orlando: We drove to Nick's apartment via Panera Bread (have never actually been there before, it was pretty cool) and then we crashed out at about 10pm because we were both tired and sleep deprived.

Now it's bright and early (curse you jet lag) and we have some fun stuff to do today. I just skyped with my mum, dad and sister which was cool because they'd not really used it before... I think they just need to get a better webcam than the £5 one I nabbed from amazon ;)

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  1. Sounds like a great trip getting there! I'm going to be religiously checking your blog for posts, it's all so interesting!