Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This is what happens when you tempt fate...

You get put in Vista Way for the third time!! HAHAHA. Okay, sooo let's start from Sunday - after a lazy morning, Nick and I headed out to the Florida Mall to sort out my phone. We went to Olive Garden for some lunch and I had salad and breadsticks (of course) and a chicken flatbread thing which was really good. And raspberry lemonade because it rocks. Then we went to the Mall and I ended up at the T-Mobile shop...even though I was all set on going with SIMple Mobile. This was because there was an actual shop for T-Mobile and I could talk to the advisor and make sure I was getting the best deal so I felt a bit more confident in it.

The guy who helped me was very helpful if a little bit creepy. Eventually I settled for a $50/month pre-paid plan for my blackberry which gave me unlimited minutes, texts and data. But no blackberry internet service (i.e. BBM, Facebook and Twitter apps, push email etc). And another $10/month for unlimited international landline calling because I figured I paid way more than that last summer to call home. So... about $60 later I had a phone number (FYI, it's 407-334-5298) and also the guy told me to come back towards the end of November when I have a Disney ID and address because he could set me up with a year contract (especially for people working on a visa apparently) and even with 15% disney discount... now, this sounds too good to be true but we shall see!! Sooo... we got back to Nick's apartment and I kinda realised that the blackberry was a bit useless without the Blackberry Internet Service so I went onto the T-Mobile website to see if I could add it on for this month (it's pre-paid so I've already paid for this month's service if you see what I mean)... however, the only result of registering with their website was that it suddenly enabled a 'child lock' on my phone which meant I couldn't even access Facebook through the browser! So annoying!! Especially as to turn it off, the website required a verification of my address - which I'd never given! So it couldn't verify it! Long story short, I ended up (eventually after an endless set of menus) talking to a mexican call centre who sent me to the nearest T-Mobile store to 'unlock' my phone. All of this was done whilst exhausted and still jet lagged. YAY.

So I didn't do much for the rest of Sunday - Nick and I met up with one of his friends from Soarin' and we went to the cinema at Downtown Disney. We saw 'Three Muskateers' which was good but I was so tired I didn't really take any of it in! We got home and crashed out at about 2am.

Monday... Nick had college from 11.30am-5.30pm so I pretty much just spent the whole day in his apartment vegging out on his sofa watching a mixture of the Weather Channel, the Food Network and the Michael Jackson trial live on TV. It was a good lazy day. He got back and I got ready to go to Downtown Disney dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I got to downtown about 8pm and met Steffie and Tyler (Canadians!) and Sophie (another UK'er) who all start on the 1st November as well. We got food at Paradiso 37 (I think that's the name) which was good... wondered around Downtown Disney for a bit and then went back to the All Star Sports and hung out by the pool having a drink. It was really nice. Nick picked me up about 1am and we went home to sleep again.

So that brings me to today!! It is November 1st, the start date! I was quite apprehenseive of today just because I don't like the whole having to meet new people, new apartment, lifting luggage around, heaving shopping home from Walmart thing which comes with the first day of a College Program! But actually it worked out fine. Nick took me to Vista Way for check-in just before 12 (I don't know what I'd do without him, he's been a star!) and we stopped by at Chick-fil-A on the way (woooooo, waffle fries!!). I actually arrived right at the same time as Steffie, Ty, Sophie, Dan and Paul so we went in and had a quick presentation. Got given our schedule for the next few days and our apartment keys...

Soooo... I was joking around about being at Vista. Then karma came and bit me on the arse as I got given Vista Way!!! I couldn't believe it! I'm the only one from the people I know who started today to end up here. I'm back in a 3-bed apartment just like 2008 and 2010 but this time in building 10. Good thing is, it's right by the bus stops and as of now (11.30pm) there's nobody else moved into my room so looks like I get my own room tonight. I've met a couple of my new roomates and they seem nice (there's 2 americans and 2 puerto-ricans here) but it's a bit strange because I know I'm only going to be here for two weeks maximum before they move me into the Commons or Patterson Court. So it's a little bit weird to make friends with people before you just say adios in a couple of weeks! Nevertheless... at about 2pm we headed to Walmart for the epic shopping trip. It cost me $140 which wasn't too bad. Seen as I'll be moving apartment soon, I tried not to buy too much because I'll just end up moving it all. We had a lovely taxi driver on the way back and then I borrowed a trolley from Vista security to shift my shopping from the car to the apartment so it was actually quite non-stressful. The fact it's not 35 degrees also REALLY HELPS!

So the 8 of us (Steffie, Ty, Sophie, Samantha, Clare, Paul, Dan and Me) went to Crossroads this evening to get food. We went to TGI Fridays which was okay. Seen as I'm the only one at Vista, I got off the bus before them so that I could wash my hair before Nick came by to drop off my other suitcase.. I don't know if they're all hanging out tonight or whether they went back to their own apartments. I'm soooo tired... this jet lag seems the worst it's been coming TO America but I think it's because I haven't slept well and I've been going to bed late every night. Start as I mean to go on, eh? :P

So tomorrow I have housing talks and also on Thursday morning. I have Thursday afternoon off and then the whole of Friday off too... there's talk of going to Universal that day seen as we won't have our Disney IDs to get into the Disney Parks yet. Then Saturday is Traditions YAY! After that I'm not sure but I'm sure we'll get our training schedules on Saturday. I will try and upload some pictures to Facebook soon but my camera cable is buried in my luggage at the moment and all I want to do is sleep! So you'll have to wait!!

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