Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chips as in chips or crisps or potato chips?!

Today was my first shift on Chippy Tills. It was weird getting used to using MATRA again (the Disney till system) seen as I last used it over 3 years ago when I was in Merchandise. It's almost the same except with the added complication of things like Disney Dining Plan as payment methods... on the up side, there's really only about 4 things we actually sell: Fish & Chips, side of Chips, Potato Chips and Shortbread. And of course, there's the normal soft drinks plus Hot Tea (as opposed to Iced Tea), Coffee and pints of Harp or Bass (much amusement regards my surname). So yeah, pretty much every guest orders "Fish and Chips and a Coke" so it's quite easy... it takes some getting used to handling the currency again though!! I'm sure in a week I'll be a pro! Also, surprisingly difficult to break the habit of using the words 'pound' and 'pence'... So it also quite hot outside doing Chippy Tills because you're kinda in the sun - I am SO glad I got a winter start date as it means by the time it gets properly hot again I should be in service rather than the fish & chip shop. But it was a pretty good shift.. we also learnt how to open the chippy although I don't think that'll be happening again any time soon seen as ALL my shifts next week end between 10pm and 11.30pm... and that's before being inevitably delayed for cleaning chippy!

So as you can see from my list above of our menu... we don't just have to deal with the whole concept of fries being called chips... but we also serve CRISPS which Americans know as potato chips! Confusing!!! Especially considering that if a guest is on the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan then they get a portion of fish & chips, a soft drink and then additionally they get either shortbread or potato chips. Just too many forms of potato going on!

Anyway... so training is going good. I feel like I need to start making more use of my downtime now that I'm all moved into the Commons. This program so far has been more chilled than my other ones - I don't know if that's something to do with it being a year so feeling like there's 'more time' to do things... but when I've socialised with my arrival group we've generally just decended on someone's apartment and drunk wine, eaten pizza and (in the case of last night, until 3am) watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and random YouTube clips. LOL. I don't really feel like I've totally clicked at work yet though... maybe it's something to do with the fact that there are SO many people in Food & Beverage... and we haven't even had a throw-in. Even the people that arrived in late September and October haven't had throw-ins either. Traditionally throw-ins are rather loud events that involve a lot of alcohol but apparently it's not always like that, and can actually be seen as a social opportunity to meet the other cast members you're going to be working with... the Canadians had theirs even before Traditions!! But it doesn't even seem like the UK one is on the horizon so maybe it won't happen :S That will be a bit of a pity... Now that I'm at Commons I hopefully will be able to socialise a bit more - there's talk of going to Cowboys on Saturday and HOB next Sunday. I can't go tonight because I'm meeting Nick to get pizza before he heads home tomorrow for Thanksgiving which is at the end of this week.

I can't believe it was a year ago I flew to Atlanta to experience Thanksgiving for the first time and we did that epic drive to Orlando... I hadn't even applied for the CRP then! Crazy times!

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