Saturday, 19 November 2011

Moving Day!

2 1/2 weeks after I thought I'd be moving in... I'm finally living at The Commons!! I'm in Apartment #611... which is great because it's near the bus stop and the clubhouse. It's ironic to the max as well because it's the same block that Hayley was in when she did the CRP four years ago... just two floors directly down and I even chose the same bed as she was in (but obviously in a different apartment!). So that's pretty funny! Also, Kristina my Norweigian roomate has also moved into this apartment with me so we're still sharing a room. The best part is that we've moved into an empty apartment and we're gonna be getting two roomates who are apparently from France but they haven't moved in yet! So... other great things about the Commons vs. Vista Way include the fact we have our own washing machine and dryer so you don't have to pay for it everytime (our rent is slightly more expensive though) and each bedroom gets its own bathroom which is at least twice the size of the ones at Vista!

Moving wasn't fun though... it's shocking how much stuff you can accumulate in two weeks! I had my two suitcases plus three re-usable bags full of stuff, a bag of food, a bag with my comforter in it and my laptop backpack! Luckily, Kristina's friend's roomate had a car and she very kindly took us over to the Commons (it took two trips!). This saved us a bit of stress. At last... I finally feel like I've "moved in" to housing now! I've unpacked all my stuff, went to Walmart and bought some essentials (because obviously it was empty so there was literally nothing here) such as cleaning products, toilet paper and washing powder. Then came back and am just drying two loads of laundry so I can make my bed and wash my hair (my towels and sheets are drying!).

Sooooo.... other fun things I've done this week include doing my first chippy shift (yesterday). We were 'chippy filler' which is basically the person who fills the orders... makes the drinks, puts stuff on trays etc. It is a fast-paced job when it's busy and you have to multi-task whilst being really careful around the deep fat fryers and culinary staff who are right behind you! It was fun though, I enjoyed it and the shift went really fast. The only downside was having to clean the chippy at the end of the night... the co-ordinator who was in yesterday made us do all these really finickity (sp?) jobs which resulted in me having to put my fingers underneath the outside cupboard and pull out all the sauce sachets which had fallen under there. This was GROSS. There was a mayo sachet that had split (probably several days/weeks ago) and the off vinegar mixture got all over my hands... I nearly vommed. Lucky it wasn't ketchup though with my phobia! I somewhat think the phobia will be overcome at some point this year...! So, we were supposed to finish at 10.30pm but I didn't clock out until 11.40pm so I got back well past midnight and was totally exhausted. I'm glad I was off today as well because moving was tiring too! I have an opening chippy shift tomorrow and then I'll be learning to open and close chippy tills on two separate shifts after that.

On Wednesday it was very quiet in the park and we had people training on seating so there was about 6 seaters (including me!) so I took it upon myself to help at the Beer Cart. I have never poured a beer from a draft before in my life.. but I was a natural apparently ;) I kinda self-taught myself with some help from one of my trainers Samantha, and Daniel who was actually manning the Beer Cart and it was a lot of fun! My real training is a week tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it!

So yeah... I've had a busy week since my three days off, mostly at work! I've seen my arrival group a few times - we went to TGI Fridays on Thursday night and then to Jellyrolls which was a fantastic night full of 32oz cocktails (that's nearly a litre, people!) and note-passing to the table behind us who were trying to hit on Tyler and Dan. Much hilarity.

Yesterday, Steffie had to go and show her ID at the Caribbean Beach Resort in order to get her neighbours' the cast discount for when they checked in that afternoon... so we did that and then had a nosy around the resort. It's my aim to set foot on every Disney resort in this year... so that's another one done! It is MASSIVE. It seemed okay to stay in as long as you weren't a mile away from the food court and the pool... and a lot of the rooms were as far as I could see. They had about 5 bus stops! After that, I met up with Nick and we hung out at his apartment with his new massive TV and watched most of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 before we both had work at 5pm which was nice.

I've also updated the OH @ WDW page...!!

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