Monday, 14 November 2011

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I had one of best days EVER yesterday and so thought I'd share it on my blog... not really to make you all jealous (okay, maybe a little bit haha!!) but so I can remember it all too :D

Steffie had a friend from Canada who was visiting with her Mom so we went to Magic Kingdom bright and early at 10am with Tyler (and his friend from DCL called Nick who was going back to the ship in the afternoon) so that we could maingate them into the park. Magic Kingdom was amazingly quiet! We had some breakfast at the bakery on Main Street USA and I got a locker to put my 'cold' clothes in. Seen as it was boiling hot yesterday (well, it felt it... I think it was about 25 degrees) I made sure I brought a jumper and jeans for the evening. We met Ally and her Mom and headed to Adventureland. We did Jungle Cruise and then Pirates with about 5 minute waits for both. Then headed around to Fantasyland where we did Philarmagic and Dumbo. Dumbo was the longest queue we stood in all day and that was only about 20 minutes... and gave us a great view of the Fantasyland Expansion!! Then we went to Tomorrowland where Ally's mom kindly gave us snack credits from their Disney Dining Plan so we all had smoothies. Then we went on Space Mountain because it was only a 15 minute queue (madness) and then we did Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and the TTA (now known as the Peoplemover...).

At this point, Ally and her mom went back to their hotel for some food and to get changed whilst me, Steffie and Tyler (Nick had gone back to Cape Canaveral by now!) went to get dinner at the Plaza Restaurant which was at the top of Main St on the opposite side to the Crystal Palace. I'd never even noticed it before! I had a grilled chicken sandwich with ham & cheese, fries and salad which was gooooood. I also attempted a brownie sundae which was huge and I barely managed half but it was really tasty. We even got cast discount so it was only about $20 each! After eating, we went and got our wristbands for the Christmas Party and mooched around for a bit as we were waiting for Ally and her mom plus Tyler's friends who had his ticket.

After meeting up with them we walked up Main Street where it was snowing!! Headed to adventureland and met Aladdin... then queued up for about 30 minutes to meet Jack Sparrow (TOTALLY WORTH IT)... he was brilliant! You can only meet him at events like this, not on a daily basis so that was exciting. Then we walked around into Fantasyland after checking out the queue to meet the 7 dwarfs (about an hour!) and deciding it was too long. So we went and rode It's a Small World (it seemed appropriate)  before going back to the Castle Hub to get a spot for the projection show and Holiday Wishes.

The Magic, The Memories and You is the name of the projection show and it's really quite amazing. Somehow, using lasers and projections, they make the castle seem 'flat' and put loads of effects on it plus projecting photopass pictures from that day in the park which is really cute. The music is really nice as well. This was a Christmas version so at one point the whole castle turned into a candycane! Awesome! But I've discovered that the song 'I'll be home for Christmas' is an instant tear-jerker for me now... so less said about that the better...!

Holiday Wishes was a typically fantastic Disney fireworks show. It had perimeter fireworks which were great. I'll be honest though - straightforward, normal Wishes is still my favourite thing at Disney World hands down.

Then we walked nearer the castle and got a spot for the Christmas Castle Show which features the Fab 5 and about a million dancers... it's on the stage in front of the castle and it was really cute. Then we sat out for the longest and most elaborate parade I've ever seen at Disney! It had more characters than you could shake a stick at! Literally ... it was float after float after float for about 20-25 minutes! Incredible. Some of the floats even sent out smells!! So you suddenly smelt candy or gingerbread or pine trees! It also snowed some more whilst we were watching the entertainment by the castle!

Somehow, me and Steffie (we'd lost Tyler by this point) managed to follow the parade all the way down Main Street which was truly a magical moment. We were right behind the last float and it felt as if we were in the parade ourselves! It was snowing and the Christmas decorations were all around us and it was really honestly an amazing moment which made me so grateful to be here!

When we got to the bottom of Main St... we rushed into the Theatre which is where you can meet Mickey & Minnie or some of the princesses normally... I'm gonna just say this: I MET FLYNN RIDER. And yes, he smoldered at me. I was like a child with excitement! We actually met Sleeping Beauty (and her prince), Snow White (and her prince) and then Rapunzel and Flynn. Again, Flynn is a character you can only meet at events like this one so it was extra special. Once all this excitement was over, it was time to go home after over 13 hours in the Magic Kingdom....

Check out the pictures here!!

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