Saturday, 12 November 2011

"Have you ever been to England?"

Okay, so first off, I'm going to set up a new page/tab on this blog called OH @ WDW. Also known as Over Heard at Walt Disney World... and I'm going to list all the funny and random things I hear because I don't want to forget them and some are quite amusing. Such as the title of this post... okay, so it was an 8 year old child that asked me this question but it amused me...

So my second day of OJT went really well... I was 'greeter' which is the person on the front line for the restaurant basically. You're the person that greets the guests and checks them in for their meal reservations, gives them a pager and lists wait times. You're also the person that deals with checking in 'walk-ins' (i.e. people with no reservations) and has to communicate long wait times or even 'no walk-in' status to the guests so it can be a challenging role with a lot of guest interaction. I really enjoyed it. You have to think about 5 things at once but it's fun... I worked 11-7.30pm and it was really busy because it's just  coming to the end of Food & Wine here at EPCOT. Today is actually the last day so I'm avoiding the park like the plague! After I finished OJT on Thursday, I changed at Cast Services and met Ty and Steffie in the park... I got some nachos from Mexico (which I totally regretted... ughhh way too big as a portion and even though they tasted really good, the combination of starvation and walking half way across EPCOT whilst eating them gave me tummy ache) and we wondered around a bit but decided to leave before IllumiNations because the park was really busy. We headed back and I just chilled out at home.

On Friday, I got up and finally did laundry (it was well overdue!) whilst uploading the next lot of pictures onto Facebook which was a very time consuming task. After that, I went to EPCOT to return some tracksuit bottoms to Company D which I'd bought (and loved) because they were about a foot too long for me! Then I went into the park and met Nick once he'd finished work at Soarin' at 2pm and we went round the World Showcase with one of his friends called Jessica. We got lunch at Via Napoli which is the newer Italian restaurant in Italy and the pizza was SOOO GOOD. Only cost about $22 with a glass of wine and tip as well which wasn't bad for full service! Then we drove to Hollywood Studios and went to Star Tours, Tower of Terror and of course, Rock 'n' RollerCoaster. Mum is going to be super jealous that it's the third time I've ridden that ride in a week!! haha!! Sorry Mum! We left at park close (8pm) and Nick dropped me back at Vista Way.

Today I was planning on heading to Walmart at 11am but then Steffie text me and asked if I wanted to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tomorrow night at the Magic Kingdom which requires me to go to Company D (once again!) to buy the tickets today... so I'm meeting her soon and we're heading over there. Then I'll come back, get the H bus and go to Walmart (ughhhh). There's some talk of going to 'Cowboys' tonight (it's a bar) but I'm not sure what's happening yet because it seems a lot of people are training until park close...

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