Thursday, 3 November 2011

How not to get terminated..

Ahh yes. The housing talks. JOY. Okay, having to sit through them all again is a small price to pay for being a Disney Alumni because obviously it's only two mornings of your life but it is rather dull stuff about not drinking underage, how not to get terminated, not to lose your passport etc etc. Sooo I had these housing talks yesterday and today... got my temporary housing ID for Vista Way yesterday as well with a super cheesy picture of me on it. I also signed my life away with all the paperwork you have to do for Disney... it's crazy the amount of stuff you have to sign!

Other than that... yesterday I had the talks from 10am until about 2pm. We then went to Starbucks (had to cross the road of death aka the 535 outside Vista Way) and chilled out there for a bit. I went to Walgreens and got a multipack of water because it's sooooo much cheaper than buying it when I'm out or in the parks. Struggled home with that (it was 24 x 500ml bottles!!) and then chilled out for a bit before heading over to the computer lab to see if I could access the Hub. I managed to set up a password but it still won't let me on which I think is because we haven't done Traditions yet so I'll have to just be patient. Then I got the bus over to Tyler's apartment where we were having a bit of a 'pot luck'. This is an American thing (well, this side of the pond anyway) and everybody brings a dish but it's random and you don't generally say what you're bringing. Then everyone shares... so I bought crisps and cookies... we also had pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, carrot sticks and microwavable cheeseburgers (ughhh). And wine and beer. Win.

So after we'd eaten and had a few drinks we got the A bus to the TTC and then walked to the Polynesian Resort. We went to the bar by Ohanas for a cocktail which was an extortionate $13 but it did taste amazing and included a glowing cube which I kept! :D Then we went down to the Polynesian's man-made beach and got ourselves some sun loungers to watch Wishes from as it overlooks the Seven Seas Lagoon/Magic Kingdom. It was pretty cool. I want to go back again now that I'm getting to grips with my new camera and try and get some more firework pictures from that distance... but now that I have a year to do these things it's allllll good!! :D

Sooo... we headed home after that as we were all pretty tired and Ty & Steffie had their Canadian throw-in. Today we had more talks (Immigration Compliance - FUN TIMES!) and then we all walked to the Outlets and had McDonalds for lunch. Then we walked to Publix (about 5 minutes away from McDs) and got some ingredients for fajitas later on... I came back to Vista and I think the others all headed back to their apartments for some rest, relaxation and to unpack. Things like that anyway. I have to head back over to the Commons to pick up my passport at 4pm and then it's over to Tyler's again for the aforementioned fajitas!

I have now put about 200 pictures up on Facebook so go check them out! I will make them public albums so anyone can see them.

*edit* Here's the link to the photo album: click here but you can find the links for my albums on the Links Page above.

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