Friday, 8 June 2012

Happy Jubilee!

Wow my days off last week seem like forever ago! I'll try to remember what I got up to...

Wednesday was a lot of people's last day of their program. It's the first time I've had to say goodbye to people I actually knew and chatted with a lot so it was kinda sad. I was off on Wednesday so Tyler and I headed to Magic Kingdom (standard) because we wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain as it's reopened after a 5-month revamp. We stopped at the Polynesian for lunch and a cocktail which was really yummy. Well, MK was extremely busy (which I can only put down to the fact that after days of rain, it got sunny again) so we only did Pirates (that was a 20 minute wait!) and watched Dream Along With Mickey (without interruption this time) before heading to EPCOT. Tyler went off to meet some Canadians who were leaving and I went to the Rose & Crown (via getting changed) for a few drinks with most of the people who weren't actually working. Even some of the managers popped their heads in as well which was nice. Sophie and I decided to go and get a cake from France at about 7pm and then we lost the others so we headed home. I went to Katy's apartment and we ate some of their Chinese Food that they'd ordered and watched a movie with them which was fun.

On Thursday, I got up and went to Walgreens for a few things. I also had loads of laundry to do so I actually ended up spending almost the whole day in my apartment. I met up with Katy, Fiona and Amelia for some dinner at Outback Steakhouse which was nice too. Then I headed home and went to bed... exciting!

Friday, I was a PM and I walked over with Sophie from the bus as she was server training. We were commenting about how few server trainers there were now that a few more people had left... and wouldn't it be funny if I was her trainer? (Despite not being a server trainer) Got to work, looked at the LAGG (sheet describing what shifts everyone's doing that day) and what do you know? I was training Sophie! We got 514 as KD... Sophie had had so much training that I didn't need to actually "train", I just had to watch over her really. It was interesting being a server trainer - as hard as I expected! There's a lot of responsibility and it's very hard to not get involved! After work, Nick picked me up and we got McDonalds. Then we ended up at Starbucks around midnight... we had a very LONG conversation which went on until about 1.30am and he finally dropped me back at Commons!

Saturday was an eventful day. Firstly, it was the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee so we went in early for our massive group picture - almost everyone from the UK was there which was great. It was bloody boiling hot and sunny so we then escaped backstage to all the food everyone had brought in... they also got us a big cake and drinks which was nice. We had a bit of a party before having pre-meal outside (with manager Joe attempting to do pre-meal with the backdrop of a reversing rubbish truck, very amusing) and then heading over the road for work. I was very hyped up on sugar and the fun we'd had before work so I was being SUPER-DISNEY! This definitely worked out in my favour because my first guests of the day left me a $100 tip AFTER the auto-gratuity! How kind of them!! This pretty much made my program! There was only 4 of them and they were loving the Jubilee too :) I was on a high for the rest of the day, considering I was a Mid this was an achievement. At the end of the day, I went home and literally collapsed into bed - it felt so good being off my feet, crazy day!

Sunday, I was a Mid again... I'd picked up Craig's AM so he could do my PM on Tuesday for the cruise. I went in at 10.45am still feeling really tired... the AM was in 401 so it was typically hot and sticky. Sunday was also EPCOT's part of the Gay Days celebration so the bar was packed... and on the PM I came back from my break to discover I was in Dart Room. The WORST place to be when the bar is busy (it's right next to it with no wall inbetween) because it's literally so noisy you can't hear your guests and they can't hear each other. Nobody wanted to sit in there so I ended up spending my time bussing the bar, helping them with the dishwasher in the bar and even pulling pints for service bar. Eventually I got cut at about 6pm when the manager realised that it was a waste of time being there... I helped the bar for another hour finalising checks for them and then banked out and went home. Lucky I finished early because I had so much to do for the cruise... I got back, washed my hair and packed up my final bits before Nick picked me up at about 9pm and we went for a TGI Fridays which was good. Afterwards, we went back  to his apartment so he could finish his Uni work and his laundry for the cruise...

I shall write about the cruise next time!

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