Friday, 9 December 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

My Christmas tree is up and decorated! I am going to wrap the jiffy bags and box I have received from Mum in some wrapping paper and put it under the tree.... I am going to purchase the Glee Christmas Album (Vol 2 and let's face it.. probably Vol. 1 as well...) and arrange our Christmas Day celebrations which are apparently happening at my apartment. Seen as we used Clare's and Dan's for Thanksgiving, it was decided mine was for Christmas especially because I have lots of space and it's only a 2-bed so less housemates to bother even though they're all invited of course. It's difficult because we don't know what shifts we're working yet and the likelyhood is that everyone is going to have to do some hours that day to make it fair (they don't give anyone the day off apparently). But I'm sure it'll be fun!

So, my shift on Tuesday turned out not to be a stocker shift thank God! They assigned that to somebody else and I was greeting/seating all day. I finished work at 10.30pm and so headed back home and decided to spend the evening revising my R&C menus because we're going to have our pre-service test and all that jazz in January and I think I'm going to be so busy working over Christmas and New Year that I won't have too much time so I'm getting ahead of the game! I ended up doing that until about 1am and then I went to bed.

On Wednesday it was boiling! The sun was out and the temperature got back up to about 27 degrees celsuis! Crazy! I drew a weather-related hopscotch when I was tasking and then spent the rest of the time mostly on greeter. I think it's my favourite job so far even though I enjoy chippie tills I've only had it once! After my break, the grey clouds started to roll in and the wind got up... in Florida this can only mean one thing - RAIN! And sure enough, it poured down! We moved podium inside but the tablets kept crashing so I stayed on the normal podium in order to use the computer there and check people in for their reservations. The rain didn't continue pouring for the whole time, it went to a drizzly sort of weather - like England really, but warmer! Having said that, the temperature dropped down from 27C to about 7C so it felt bloody freezing. I was very glad I had my coat but even more glad that I finished at 7.30pm!! YEAH! My one and only early finish on this schedule.

So once I finished work, Nick was supposed to pick me up but he had to go and get his hair cut and do a couple of things so I ended up getting the bus home... seen as I didn't know how long he was going to be, I got the H bus to Walmart (my original plans were to stay at EPCOT and see IllumiNations as a guest but it was too cold!) as I really needed to get some cleaning stuff for my apartment.. for some reason, my room smells a bit like damp/mildew - I think it's the carpets - and it's making my clothes smell a bit so I went and invested in a load of Febreze and stuff to put on the carpet. I eventually got hold of Nick and we arranged for him to get me from the Commons later so after I got back and put my shopping away, I met him by the sketchy car park (opposite the Commons) and we went to his apartment. It was a pity we couldn't have met earlier, we originally wanted to make some food (rather than buy it!) but then he ended up eating anyways so I just had a snack instead. We watched a movie and had some good chats which were well needed. The problem when we hang out is that we end up chatting for so long that I never go to bed before the early hours! Eventually I passed out at about 2.30am.

The next day was my one day off! YAY! So I'd arranged to go to the Florida Mall (because I was actually off when the bus goes there for once!) with Clare and Jessie. So after we got up, Nick drove us through the McDonalds drive thru and I had a McBreakfast which was epic after over 6 weeks since I had one!! I bought him an apple pie. So all in all, we both had VERY healthy breakfasts....! He dropped me off at the Commons which is so nice of him because I really could have walked and he could have slept for longer... I really appreciate it. I got changed and met Clare and Jessie at the bus stop at 11am (and also met some of the newbies who have just moved in! Exciting!) and we went to the Mall. We hit up the Disney Store, got some lunch (I had Starbucks?!), went to Forever 21 (another money eater!), H&M, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Macy's and Charlotte Russe before getting the bus back to housing. Once I'd got home I skyped with my mum and then met up with Canadian Alison who also has a car (I love these people with vehicles!) and we went to Downtown Disney. We ate in Raglan Road which was good although very noisy as they have people playing live Irish music complete with people dancing... after that, we got to AMC so that we could finally see Twilight Breaking Dawn!!!! :D It's taken me ages to get to see it, it came out about 3 weeks ago! I actually thought it was better than I expected and I'm looking forward to the DVD so I can watch it again and pick up on the bits I missed - I thought the CGI was really good in this one actually. It also made me super excited to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again on DVD which I might possibly be getting for Christmas ;)

So, I saw Steffie and Tyler for a bit when I got back and then crashed out because I was super-tired. I got up stupidly early this morning so that I could get to the post office and back as today is the deadline for parcels/letters to get to the UK in time for Christmas. I also did some more spiel revising on the bus so that was useful. I've just uploaded more pictures to Facebook (well overdue!) and updated this blog. It's EMH tonight at EPCOT so I'm working until 11.30pm - YAY.

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