Sunday, 18 December 2011

Snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun...

Well, not quite. It's still about 25 degrees here every day. But there are lots of kids having fun...

So, Wednesday night I met up with Steffie, Clare, Sam and then Tyler. We just drank wine and watched random stuff on my computer as far as I remember. Thursday and Friday were pretty standard - just chippie filling, seating and a tiny bit of greeting. The weather was hot and my winter coat has been in my locker untouched for days. Extra Magic Hours sucked on Friday - it was sooooo busy. I was chippie filler ALL DAY - as in, 8 hours of filling. It was okayyy, I worked with nice people but one of the culinary staff who isn't usually in chippie completely slowed us down and kept refusing to let us do the fish & chips so it kinda stalled the whole thing resulting in a massive queue. Chippie works best when everyone works as a team in a flowing way... almost like a pattern. Anyways, we had full screens (8 orders per screen so I probably had about 10 really) for 4 solid hours, we ran out of cups (I had to dash upstairs and get them because the stocker was busy), we had to get managers in to do the condiment carts but eventually it was over at 11.30. We got out by midnight and then got a taxi home because we were too tired to wait for the bus and we'd just missed one.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a good day though! Whilst my actual activites were pretty boring (guess what - chippie fill and seating) I had a couple of magical moments. One involved some guest recovery and just a really lovely guest (and a $10 note... long story) but the other involved a family who I met last year whilst I was at Star Tours. It's a very personal story which revolves around their daughter who had a brain condition called Leukodystrophy and was a huge Star Tours fan... we went above and beyond to make her Last Tour to Endor (as the ride was closing shortly after for the massive refurb) really special, took her on a tower tour and just generally tried to make it magical for her and her parents. I stayed in contact with her parents and sadly, they informed me that she passed away in May of this year... she had wanted to return to Disney once Star Tours had reopened and they'd planned a big family trip which they were going to continue with in honour of their daughter... now, I knew that this trip was happening over these few days but it's so hard to try and find a cast member when they're in food & beverage because they might be on break, tasking or seating/bussing tables out of sight so when I was in chippy yesterday and I looked up to see these guests, I just dropped everything and ran out. There was big hugs and a few tears (due to the unspoken emotional reason for them being there I think) and it was wonderful to say hello to them. It really cheered me up from a rather boring day up to that point.

In other news, today is Sunday. And that means - new schedules!! Of course, for the Christmas week!! Soooo as it stands right now, Christmas Day is the pain in the arse for me - I've been given a stocker shift from 2.30pm-10pm that day... I really don't want to be stocker that day. Whilst CDS isn't always right anyway and I may well not even end up stocking, I don't want to be doing the one position in the UK which doesn't require hardly any guest contact on CHRISTMAS DAY!! I am already apparently stocker on Christmas Eve (as well as today and Tuesday apparently)... so I'm going to try everything to swap with someone on Christmas Day. The rest of the week is fine (I even have 2 days off!) and New Years Eve I'm working from 11am - 00.30am WOOOHOOO! I'm also apparently in chippie which will be fun!

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