Friday, 30 December 2011

And so that was Christmas...

It was a little bit weird if I'm honest. Christmas Eve was just like any other day, the park wasn't even that busy... I was greeting and seating as per usual. I finished work at 10 and Nick picked me up, we went via the Commons so I could pick up ingredients for curry, my Christmas presents and my clothes. We went to his apartment and I made us curry! It was the first time in over 2 months I'd had it and seen as it's traditional at home to have curry on Christmas Eve I thought I'd contribute! Okay, so it was from a jar but it was Patak's and so reasonably decent... I couldn't find any poppadoms or naan though (I've since found naan in Walmart) which was a bit sad. So... I made that and then we sat down and watched a movie which was nice. We went to sleep around 2am and then I had to be up at 7.30am on Christmas morning as my family wanted to Skype with me.

It was really awesome actually even though I'd only had 4 hours sleep! My whole family including my grandparents were there and I opened my presents. It was the best thing to being there really. Nick was asleep the whole time - to be fair he'd worked 80 hours in the week leading up to Christmas so he needed the rest! But I loved it - we skyped for about 45 minutes and then they had to go off to eat Christmas Dinner. I bummed around watching TV and reading Twilight on my new Kindle (LOVE IT... my new toy!) until Nick finally got up. I wanted to go and get breakfast but it was too late so we ended up driving to Downtown Disney (which was packed) and going to Earl of Sandwich - epic! He had the holiday sandwich so at least that was kind of relevant! After that, we dropped some stuff back off at the Commons and he drove me to Epcot so that I could get changed and go to work. Because Downtown was so busy I only ended up with like 30 minutes to get ready and cross stage... I forgot tights so I had to buy knee-highs from the machine at costuming so that was lovely (not) and then it was pretty busy in the park. But I clocked in with 8 minutes to go so it was fine. I was just glad that neither myself or Nick had to spend Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning alone because I think that would have been much more depressing. Quite impressively, I didn't cry for pretty much the whole day! I thought it was going to be really emotional but it wasn't...

What definitely helped was the fact I didn't have to be stocker in the end! WOO! I actually ended up greeting and then a cheeky bit of chippy fill in the evening. That was actually quite stressful because we kept running out of things - cups, beer cups, crisps... you name it. Eventually the day came to an end and we cleaned Chippy like a whirlwind so that we got out at 10pm like we were supposed to. We just made it onto the bus at 10.30pm and got back by about 10.50pm. Then it was action stations for Christmas Dinner... I had a small fire before people arrived because one of my roomates had split something underneath the electric hob so when I placed a big pan of water there to heat up and left it for a few minutes... I returned to lots of smoke and a small flame which was a bit worrying, haha! I turned it off and we ended up having to use the two smallest hobs for cooking which was a bit of a nightmare. Most people were working late so everyone ended up at mine around midnight... we did our secret santa (mine was Steffie and she got me a Griffindor Scarf - AWESOME!) and eventually ate at about 1.30am! LOL! It was too late for Tyler to go back to Patterson so he ended up sleeping on my sofa and everyone else left at about 2.45am... on four hours sleep I eventually got to bed at 3am, exhausted! But, it was great to have my Disney family around on Christmas Day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves after quite a stressful day at work.

On Boxing Day (Monday), I overslept. My alarm went off but I didn't wake up until 12.30pm. Whoops! Luckily, it wasn't too late because I didn't work until 2.30pm again... I got dressed and went to the bus stop at 1.15pm for the 1.20pm bus. It didn't turn up. Until 1.35pm. I was stressing quite a lot and as soon as we turned onto the 535, I realised why - the traffic was awful! It was clear that lots of people were trying to head for the I-4 to get home after Christmas... it took us about 30 minutes to get to Vista Way. After that, luckily, we were heading in the other direction so it didn't take too long to get to work - I got there at about 2.10pm and made it to clock in with 5 minutes to spare. Work was a bit better than on the 25th, I was chippy fill for most of the day if I remember rightly. After work, Tyler came over and he ate leftovers whilst I uploaded pictures onto Facebook, much excitement. We were still tired!

Tuesday was my Saturday! Day off, woohoo! I had a list of things to do, including three loads of laundry, cleaning my kitchen and bathroom (especially since after the party there was a bit of mess) and going to Walmart (that ever enjoyable trip....!). I did all this stuff as well as going to Housing to report the broken oven and wobbly table (which hasn't been fixed yet). At about 5pm I headed out to Epcot to meet Steffie and Tyler as they got off work at 6pm... we went to the UK and had chips (because I can't get enough of that place, obviously) and pear cider from the beer cart. Then we walked through Epcot and tried to get the monorail to MK but it was 101. So we got a replacement bus to the Magic Kingdom and it was soooo busy! We walked up Main Street and it was snowing :D And, actually reasonably cold, so it felt more Christmassy that I'd felt all week! We went to Tomorrowland (Space Mountain was at 95 minutes!) and did the Carosel of Progress (WOOO) before going round to grab some food, I had a chicken nuggets kids meal... :P We wanted to see the Magic, Memories and You (MMAY) show and then Holiday Wishes so we tried to get to the Hub (the area in front of the castle) but the bottleneck coming out of tomorrowland was at a standstill. So we walked round the castle to the other side of the park and came through from Liberty Square. We got a spot to stand right before it started and it really is quite an awesome show - I love the song they use. Then we saw Holiday Wishes (which is still nothing on normal Wishes in my opinion). As everyone started piling out of the park, we went back to the AdLib area (Adventureland/Liberty Square) and went to the Haunted Mansion which was a walk-on. Then we did It's a Small World and Philharmagic. After that I decided to call it a night because I was super tired... I went via the Emporium to buy a little torch to use with my Kindle at night-time (yes, I'm *that* much of a nerd).

I got back to the TTC and saw the A4 bus sitting there. Now, this was a bit strange because I didn't think the A4 ran this late but it was a bus so I went with it... I got on and I was the only one on the bus. The driver turns round to me and goes "So, where we going?" Now I thought this was a joke but he was serious - he didn't know the way to West Clock. So I did my best to direct him (this also involved the question "so, where were we just now?" meaning the TTC... I was in shock.) and we got to West Clock where thankfully some more people got on the bus. As we now had to direct him back to Housing - I have no idea where this man came from or what possessed American Coach to put him on the A route when he clearly had never driven it before. Apparently he usually does the C and F routes... I never pay attention when I'm on the bus so I didn't have a clue where to go, luckily another girl knew the exact route back to Housing otherwise we would have been lost for hours (like, as I heard, the unfortunate people that got the A4 later in the evening did!). I eventually got home, and went straight to bed.

Wednesday was my second day off and I decided it was going to be a lazy one. I wanted to go to Cast Connection to see if they had any 2011 stuff there yet... so I went to the bus stop with the intention of getting a C bus to Vista and then the A bus as The Commons is on request only. You can imagine my delight when the A2 bus comes into the Commons to drop someone off - I tried to get on the bus only to be denied access and told he couldn't pick anyone up here! Pile of crap! So I get the next C bus to Vista and then super-ironically ended up getting the A2 bus at Vista Way because I beat it there!! HAAA! Went to Cast Connection which wasn't that exciting - I didn't see what I wanted - and then had to get the A bus back... the driver refuses to accept that the Commons is on-request even though it says it on the timetable! GRRRRRR!!! I had had enough of American Coach by this point! I basically forced the driver to stop at Commons with the help of a couple of other people who were convincing him as well. Idiot.

I literally spent the rest of the day watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 AND 2.. and then most of the first Twilight film. At about 10pm I went round to Sam's where we had Peach Bellinis and the desserts we were supposed to have on Christmas Day. I got to bed late again (which is probably where my tiredness is coming from!).

Yesterday was pretty boring. I worked 11am until 9pm so it was a long day and it was very busy. I was greeter for half the day and then seater for the rest of it. I felt guilty leaving at 9pm because it was still so busy and it was EMH but I'd already worked 10 hours, started early AND I never ever get off before 10 usually so I wasn't gonna give up this rare occasion. Besides, no managers or co-ordinators had tried to ask me to extend so I just bumped out at 9pm, went to Cast Services to get changed and then jumped on the monorail to the Polynesian to meet Steffie, Tyler and his friend Daniel. We went to the Grand Floridian for a cocktail (ooh) and then got a bus to Downtown Disney to get Daniel's car to go to TGI Fridays. TGIs was FULL of most of the Canadian pavilion which was slightly overwhelming to me! I was just starving having not eaten for about 9 hours by this point... eventually got some potato skins and a diet coke. We got a taxi home and I crashed out, yet again at about 2.30am.

I had to get up early this morning to put a maintenance request into front desk so now I'm just updating this blog and then going to upload my pictures before going to work. I'm front of house again (probably greeter/seater... maybe chippy fill) until 10pm. After that I'm planning on getting changed and going to the Magic Kingdom to see 'Fantasy in the Sky' which are the New Year fireworks at 11.50pm (they do them on 2 days at MK!) and then tomorrow is New Years Eve!!! Let the madness begin!!!!

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