Tuesday, 8 January 2013

CANADA! Part Two!

Well on Monday we went off to get breakfast but we actually went to a coffee chain called Tim Hortons which is super cheap and equally as good as Starbucks. After that we went for a walk to this "castle" which was built by a super-rich businessman about 100 years ago modelled after English buildings from hundreds of years ago... we didn't go inside (too expensive wahhh) but apparently it's very lush and luxurious inside too. It was nice to have a brisk 45 minute walk of a morning... especially in a "feels like" of -8 degrees celsius! It was actually genuinely enjoyable. When we got back, Tyler headed to the gym and I watched TV for a while. When he got back we got the Subway back to downtown and got dinner at a restaurant where we could overlook the city which was really nice - I actually ended up having a veggie burger because I'd been craving a burger all day but I don't do beef and they don't do chicken... but it was super yummy. Then we shared a dessert which was mini versions of their 5 most popular which was super good! After we were done, we went to the cinema which was round the corner and saw Monsters Inc in 3D! Somehow I realised that I'd never seen that movie before! Blasphemy for a cast member I know!!

Today (Tuesday), Tyler had to work so I took myself back down to the Eaton center where I bought myself some new trainer-type shoes because I realised that all I brought with me was my fugg boots, a pair of heels and a pair of ballet pumps. None of which will be useful for all the walking I'll be doing in Washington DC over the next couple of days! My vans need throwing away anyway as they're falling apart so now I have a new pair of black Keds instead... After wondering around the shopping center and having some Thai food for lunch, I went to the cinema again and saw a movie called This Is 40 which I enjoyed. Then I headed back on the subway via the supermarket to grab a bottle of wine for when Tyler gets back from work.

Tomorrow it's going to be an early 6am start in order to get to the airport by 7.45am... plenty of time incase they extensively question me at customs. I'm really hoping they don't! I'll be scared the whole time. Obviously I have absolutely nothing to hide, I have all my proof of what I'm doing for the rest of my time in the states, I have my ESTA paid for and I even have my email inviting me to a job interview when I get home (I'll talk about that at *some* point haha) just to really prove I am actually going home. After all this worry and fuss they probably won't even care! Haha!

So, overall it's been a fun trip to Canada and great to see Tyler again. There's still things I want to do in this country, even in Toronto as well... for example I didn't go up the CN Tower (the weather meant that the views would be rubbish) and I didn't go to Niagara Falls (it's kinda far away without a car to hand!) but that's future things to tick off the list! It's been weird to experience such a change in temperature and it horribly reminded me of the UK! However, my Columbia coat that I bought at the outlets for $130 has been worth every single penny because it's the warmest (and least flattering!) coat I've ever had and I'm sure will prove useful in the UK too. I've enjoyed the British influences that Canada has (Malteasers and Smarties to say the least!) although everything seems more expensive here in comparison to the USA.

So, tomorrow I will bid a 'see ya later!' to the love child of Britain and the USA.... and enter back into the "Land of the Free" when I go to Washington, D.C. until Friday morning when I fly back to Orlando, pick up a rental car and then drive with Nick in tow to South Carolina for a couple of cheeky days at Hilton Head! Then back to Orlando for 6 days where I fully intend to do Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Universal, repack all my suitcases, eat as much Earl of Sandwich and Panera Bread as possible, finish off as much of my bucket list as I can.... and then hopefully spend my final full day in the USA at my favourite place in the world - Magic Kingdom. Fingers crossed!! I'll post as soon as I can!

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