Saturday, 5 January 2013

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Okay bare with me here, and sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes... I'll fix them next time I get on my computer. I have hit a new level in busyness in that I haven't even had the chance to log onto blogger on my laptop since Christmas Day and in that time I worked 50 hours, finished Christmas, finished my program and flew to Canada!!

Okay so back to Christmas... Dinner was good and then we did the typical lying around/napping for the rest of the evening. We ventured out in torrential rain to go and see Les Miserables at the cinema for the late night showing (it came out on Christmas Day) and it was a really good movie but very long! Afterwards we went home and all crashed out.

Boxing Day we all slept in and then went to downtown Atlanta to see the Nutcracker! I've never seen live ballet before and so I really enjoyed it. The story is a bit loopy and I didn't really follow it but it was very impressive on the dancing front. When we left the theatre it was super cold, really windy and there were snowflakes in the air!! We ran backto the car and then went for some food at a restaurant called Houston's which was yum yum. Afterwards, we went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

On the 27th, everything returned to normal and so Nick and I went for a trip to the mall where I bought another charm for my bracelet. We were going to go to the Atlanta botanical gardens to see the lights but it turned out that they were sold out for the evening. So instead we went to the cinema to see a movie called Guilt Trip which was funny. Eventually we got home and we waited for Alex to get back from work so I could say goodbye to him as I was leaving early the next morning.

We had to leave at like 6.30am the next day. A brief trip via chick fil a and I was at the airport to go back to Orlando. The flight was pretty uneventful and I landed at 1030am in the nice warm 70 degrees! I had several options to get back home but I opted for the Mears shuttle which cost $21 but took me right back to the Marriott hotel which was only a 15 minute walk from the commons. It meant I didn't had to battle with public transport or take out a loan for a taxi from the airport. So by the time I got there, dragged my luggage back via Panera and got to my apartment it was 12.30. I had 45 minutes to get changed and then to get the bus to work due to the crazy traffic around Disney world. I was approaching pretty tired by this point seen as I was up at 5am and then I got given 701 as my section!! Ahhh! Worst section ever. So I did a round of guests (4 tables) and then it started spitting with rain! Even Mother Nature felt sorry for me haha! So the rain got worse and I then got an ER and left at like 8pm! Woooo. I spent a few hours packing and doing laundry before going to bed at about midnight totally tired!

Saturday was the start of 5 very long days. The Saturday between Christmas and new year, also the last Saturday of candlelight meant for a busy day. Out opening hours were extended again so we were seating until 10.30pm ewww! Oh, and I was a 1045 mid! I worked for like 13 hours in the end. Went home, slept for like 6 hours and then back up and in for another mid on Sunday! After another 12 hours of work, nick picked me up so he could give me back some stuff he'd brought back from Atlanta in the car and we got a quick McDonald's. then to bed for another 6 hours sleep before I had to drag myself up at 8.30am in order to pack as this was the only time I had to do it! I took my TV round to Jessie's and did about 3 hours of packing making good progress.

I gave up at about 12 because I headed out to bahama breeze with a load of people from work... The food was soooooo good!! We obviously had to be fully prepared because that was New Year's Eve!! We got to work and the park was heaving... I got given section 307 which I was a bit disappointed about really because I wanted to be outside. Well there were 19 servers present and only 17 sections which meant two people were chosen at random to be "non tipped" and that was old man Shaun and James. Well this didn't go down well with Shaun so he started grumbling and complaining and for some reason I decided that I would swap with him. I think it was the two 12 hour mids I'd just done which exhausted me and the kitchen/park seemed so stressful that I didn't want to deal with it. So I chose to e on $8/hour and instead spent my (very long) evening bussing, tidying, doing side work, pot wash, service bar and stocking and moving kegs! It was actually an enjoyable evening! I dropped a knife on my foot handle down which bloody hurt and I cut my finger open but all good fun. I also clocked out at 1.15am instead of like 2.30 like most of the servers. I still didn't get home until 2.45am thought because of the bus queue!

We managed to all go out and watch the fireworks which weren't as emotional as I thought they'd be. At 7pm we also did our shout out for the UK new year which I got to do which was exciting! We gave a free glass of cava to every adult guest to celebrate... Cue me tipping 6 glasses over a guest because the plastic glasses were so lightweight and flimsy... Oops!!

All in all, it was a good night but I think last year was more epic for me....

To be continued.

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