Monday, 7 January 2013

Hello 2013!

So to continue on from NYE! I left work at 1.15am and finally got home at 3am thanks to the wonderful buses. They even had metal fencing set up for the queue line which was an improvement on last year. I crashed out totally physically exhausted... and I still had a good 18 hours of work to go before I was done.

I was back in work the next day at 11.30am for a Mid - ugh! I really wanted to get an ER and go home but I had to stick with it. It was pretty busy for the whole day actually... luckily I got 311 as my section for the AM which was only a 3-table section so that was a nice calm morning. I had some nice guests including a table who had a cast member and her parents on it... turned out that this girl had done a program previously and knew someone that I knew on that program too.. the 7 steps of Disney returns! I had a brief 10 minute lunch break and then it was time for my last closing shift at the Rose & Crown! And of course, I was in 508!! One of the busiest sections in the restaurant and probably my favourite out of all of them... and it was just luck that I got there! Also, Fay (who leaves with me) was in 505 so we shared the sidework which was really nice especially because it was restock which was easy :-) One of my tables didn't leave FOREVER so I got out really late despite all my guests almost being done by 9pm (and FINALLY the fireworks were back to 9pm after a week of being at 10.30pm it was amazing!). Somehow I ended up leaving at 11.15pm which was crazy late and I didn't get home until just before midnight!

The next day I struggled to get up except for one thing - it was my final day at the Rose & Crown!! I got up, washed my hair and straightened it which meant even less sleep but I wanted to look nice for the inevitable photos that would be taken. I got to work and was a 10.45AM (only just made it in time! How ironic it would be to have got a late point on my last day when I'd successfully managed not to get one for the entire 14 months...) so I spent most of the set up kitchen time doing a photoshoot with Fay around the pavilion and then going to find us some "I'm celebrating" buttons to write 'Our Last Day' on them which ended up with me having to go all the way to guest relations for them! I chose to be in 307 for my final shift for several reasons: 1) It was a hot day and that was inside 2) it was my first ever section I trained in (me? nostalgic? never!!) 3) you don't get too much grat in that section (drinking money!) 4) it's right next to the kitchen.

So the shift ended up being really busy for an AM but pretty standard. I really didn't have any stand-out guests which was a little disappointing. I got totally scuzzed by my first table who were dining plan and moody for the entire meal. My last table was a 2-top on 308 who were Tables In Wonderland (joy) and they were pleasant enough but it really wasn't that exciting. After I was done, I tidied up and then TGR'd and banked out before getting changed and heading to the bar!

So... a cider and black, welsh dragon, mudslide, brain hemorrhage (it's a shot) and glass of banfi rosa regale later (accompanied by a cheese plate) we left the R&C. We had a lovely song sung for us by the hat lady and we threw our shoes in the lake as is traditional. Loads of people were heading out with Fay to a bar so myself with Andrew and Dan headed to Magic Kingdom. We walked past Soarin' and I ended up name-dropping Nick in order to get on the ride which was fun then we went to MK. It had been so busy earlier in the day that it had gone to Phase 3 which means resort guests and people with reservations only - ARGH! Luckily it was back to fully open when we got there. We walked up main street at 8.59pm and Wishes started whilst we were still pushing through the crowds to get a spot. I received a really nice message from Fay whilst I was watching Wishes which made me cry of course. After it was finished, the boys and I went to Thunder Mountain which is always awesome in the dark before getting a taxi home from MK for some VERY MUCH NEEDED SLEEP!!!

So that was that - my time was done at the Rose & Crown!

The next day (Thursday) was my last full day in Orlando as a cast member. I had all sorts of plans involving parks and such but the reality was that I was so tired and had so much to do that it all ended up changing. I got up eventually at 11am (I shouldn't have slept in so late but I couldn't help it!) and packed up the rest of my stuff which was joyful. I eventually got done at about 2pm and Nick came over we loaded up his car with all my stuff. I ended up with 2 full suitcases, a full duffel bag, another full bag on wheels, 3 reuseable bags of stuff for charity, my bedding, a small pink hand luggage case and two bags of alcohol! I gave the alcohol to Eric (Nick's roommate) and we took the rest to his house and stored it in his garage. We got lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then stopped by EPCOT to get Tyler something he wanted from the Norway pavilion. Then we got a couple of DVDs and vegged out for the rest of the evening.

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