Saturday, 18 February 2012

Staycation, Part 1

My mum is finally here!!!!!! :D More on that later...

So I don't have quite as many days off as I thought on the previous post. The main reason for this is because of the Disney International Programs Photo Shoot which I have been (unbelievably) chosen for, along with a couple of other UK'ers (and ironically, Tyler who is Canada-Represent!) and the shoot is taking place on Thursday. The pick up time is 4.30am. YES, 4.30 IN THE MORNING! Hense the day off on Thursday that I wasn't expecting... but I'm sure it'll be fun (and exhausting).

So the early part of this week was pretty dull - work, work and work. I was obviously willing Friday to arrive and so the rest of the week seemed to go really slowly. On Tuesday I was feeling a bit down and then I ran into some Canadians at the bus stop and ended up at TGI Fridays with them for a bit... apart from that, I've gone home every day after work. But they've almost all been closes as usual.

On Friday though, I woke up at like 6am because of everything that was on my mind about the day and so I straightened my hair (thanks to Florida humidity and rain this was later a waste of time...) and then at 9.30am I met Sam at the bus stop and we walked to the Marriott Village to pick up the car!! It was about a 20 minute walk but we picked up the car no problems and got an upgrade... win. To a massive car about the size of my parents' car with automatic headlights, digital radio and several other fancy things... Our first trip was to Walmart which was fine, a bit scary, but fine. We got a few bits and bobs before heading back to Commons to drop it off and then picking up Tyler at Patterson. We then drove to the Florida Mall and went to American Eagle, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe (where I bought some lush shoes) and grabbed some food in the food court. Then Ty and Sam wanted to be dropped off at Crossroads so that they could get a hair cut so I took them there and drove back to Commons. Sorted out a rental car permit so I can park it at the Commons and then realised that Ty had left his apartment key in the back of the car... so after rushing around to pack the last few bits (thanks to the rain, and therefore traffic, I was running behind) and shoving it all in the car, I dropped his key off at Vista Way where he'd got to on the F bus from Crossroads. Then I drove to the Beach Club to check in...

Checked in, and got my room key. Ran up to the room to make sure it was all good and then met Nick in the foyer. He and I then drove to the airport  (I was driving, I think this made him a *tad* nervous!!!) without any incident, it was all good. We finally got there, after Mum's flight had landed and we spent about 15 minutes trying to find the arrivals gate she was coming into and then another 15 minutes waiting for her to arrive! I was feeling really nervous and excited with a banging headache to boot! Finally I saw her!

I was so glad Nick did come with me in the end - he knew his way around the airport better than I did and he also ended up driving the rental car back for me because my headache was hurting so much! I think I was just overwhelmed by the whole day really. We got back to the Beach Club and he got his car and went off to a birthday party he was going to... whilst I took our luggage up to the room. We're on the 4th floor, overlooking the courtyard which is the Boardwalk-side entrance to the hotel. We have a little balcony which you can stand on or even prop a chair onto I reckon... it's really nice! The beds are heavenly - especially after the Commons and the A/C is freezing, again especially after the Commons!! We went downstairs to the QS/shop and got a flatbread pizza which was actually quite yummy and a half bottle of Wine. Then we walked out onto the Yacht Club jetty and saw IllumiNations from there! It was awesome! I need to go back there with my camera and take pictures. After that we headed back to the room and chilled out, got an early night seen as she was jet lagged and I was just plain tired!!

Then today we got up and went to grab a snack for breakfast before we unpacked in the room. Then we went to Downtown Disney to get Cirque du Soleil tickets!!! So excited!! It was my treat for Mum and I got cast discount but even so it was like $120! Anyways, then we drove to the Commons so Mum could see my apartment and we got a couple of things I forgot before stopping by Walgreens for a couple of things and then Panera Bread for lunch where we ran into Tyler and Steffie! We got back to the Beach Club and I had 20 minutes before a meeting at work I had to attend so I was rushing to walk over to the UK pavilion - I discovered that it literally only takes 10 minutes door-to-door which is awesome. But in other news, the meeting was cancelled and my manager was about to call me when I walked in! So I wondered back and we sat out on the 'beach' overlooking the Boardwalk as the sun had finally come out for a bit.

Then we went to Beaches & Cream for a cheeky ice cream and then came back to the room and chilled out. We've just got ready for the evening and now I'm off in my ridiculous heels to Downtown Disney, Planet Hollywood and Cirque Du Soleil!!

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