Saturday, 19 May 2012


Wow it's been ages since I updated - life got crazy!

I had two very different shifts on the 7th and 8th which was just after my last post - on the 7th I was in 508 which is the crazy section and I made lots of money then the following day I was in 311 which is the dead 3-table section so I only made what I would have made on an AM. I don't really remember too much about those shifts which were out of the ordinary!

Then I had two days off... on the Wednesday I went to Magic Kingdom with Tyler after we'd gone to MK Costuming to get new work shoes. We did some rides and ate Casey's Corner. We saw a little bit of the MiSiCi Parade which got a bit rained off so they did a fly-by... we also watched the afternoon parade which I loved of course. We saw most of the castle show but again, it got rained off like 2 minutes before the end which was a bit annoying! At about 5pm, Tyler went off to meet some of his friends from Canada who had been doing traditions that day and I met Tina and Tony! They were regular guests at the Disney Store I worked at in the UK and they were over here on vacation... so that was super fun! We played Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom which is basically a game involving a lot of walking all over the park to pick up 'clues' which take you to the next place. You collect 'spell cards' and basically it's just a very sociable and different thing to do at MK. I was pretty tired by the end of the day, they took me home at about 9pm and I had a shower before meeting Nick for some food. I walked over to his apartment but he wasn't feeling very well so we just had some pasta and planned our trip to Cedar Point.

The next day, I went to the Florida Mall with Tyler. We spent a fortune in American Eagle which was great and then I failed to find any clothes in Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 which was really annoying. We took the Lynx bus back which was a bit of an adventure (ghetto downtown Orlando comes to mind where everyone only habla Espanol...) and then I bought some stuff online from Charlotte Russe!

Friday I was a Mid for EMH... standard! I was in 704 for the AM part and then 106 for the PM part. I ended up with a 15-top for most of my evening!! It was actually pretty easy because once you've got the drinks onto the table and the order in for the kitchen then you can chill a bit more and just keep an eye on refills needed and when the food is ready to come out. They did all have deluxe dining plan so it involved appetisers, entrees and desserts as well as alcohol... so you can imagine what that bill came to! The biggest I've ever seen.... I think it was around $600. The joy of dining plan means obviously they didn't have to pay that though... it was a little complicated as I had to split the check 5 ways and then use the dining plans plus charging them for the extra charges so that was all good fun. I went home after that and crashed out!

Saturday I was an AM and I was in 201 which is the AM KD. This doesn't really mean much because the PM KDs come in at 4pm anyway. I don't like 201 as a section because it's one 6-top and then three 2-top tables so if there are no 2-people parties waiting then you don't get sat and the same for the 6-top so it can be very slow. I had an okay morning. After my shift I went home and got changed.. went to Walmart which was a 2 1/2 hour round trip UGH! When I got back, I bummed around until 11.20pm when I went out to the front of Commons and was picked up by Gavin as 25 of us were going Paintballing! I've never been before so it was something new. There were chefs and a manager there too which was good for the old team work. We didn't wear suits which is something I thought was standard but we did get a mask. We had enough money to pay for an extra 2000 paintballs which were split between us. We did various "challenges" in the fields like one team against the other to retrieve a flag in the middle. As soon as you were shot, you were out and  you left the field. Well obviously I was pretty rubbish at these games so I got out really quickly every time. When the paintballs hit you it really hurts (like a giant elastic band being snapped against you) and I ended up with bruises all over me! Mostly on my knees and legs, but a couple on my stomach, couple on my chest and some on each arm... ouch! As we didn't start playing until midnight it meant it was 4am by the time we got back so I was in pain and exhausted by the end. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be going paintballing again!

I have to run to work now so I shall endevour to finish this blog post as soon as I can! In the next post will be my adventures to Cedar Point, Ohio!

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