Monday, 7 May 2012

One minute they're there, the next minute they've gone!

I didn't get to go to the Florida Mall in the end :( Well, actually, that's not true. I did go to the Mall but I had Nick in tow with me because we'd just been to pick up his (vaguely) fixed car and he wanted chinese food from the Food Court. So we did that, and then wondered into the Apple store where I eyed up the iPhones (see what I did there) and then went into Charlotte Russe before I abandoned the idea of shopping because Nick hates it. So, instead we got a Starbucks and then headed back to his apartment via Publix where I spent a  small fortune on ingredients to make pasta... It was very yummy pasta though and I accompanied it with a few episodes of Restaurant Impossible (the American version of Kitchen Nightmares basically) and Todders & Tiaras on TLC (trash telly, wooo!).

The next day, Nick wanted to go to Seaworld. Well, I didn't have a Seaworld pass so I ended up buying one which is joined with Busch Gardens so that when my sister comes here in July, we'll be able to visit. So, we got to Seaworld at like 2pm and we were only there for about 3 hours in the end because it was so quiet that there were no lines for anything - we went on Manta twice and then Kraken (the two big roller coasters) and then we went on the log flume ride Journey to Atlantis which was pretty good too and then finally we went to watch a new 3D show called Turtle Trek which was cool because it was like being inside a dome (like a planetarium) but with 3D glasses so it really felt 3D. Then we were kinda hot and tired so we headed home via PeiWei for chinese food and Coldstone Creamery for ice cream (it was a very unhealthy day :P).

The next day it was back to work... I was supposed to be an AM but I wanted to extend so I could get some extra dollar dollar. Lucky for me, there was a need for a couple of people to be Mids so I ended up doing the old 1045am start through til Extra Magic Hours in the evening. I was in section 514 for the AM and then 311 for the evening. Considering that 311 is a 3-table section (not 4) it was still a good monetary day and I had some good guests. I went home and crashed out as far as I remember.

Saturday I was an AM again. I woke up feeling really tired and that theme went through the day really. It was pretty busy and the weather is getting really warm now. I was in section 303 though which was lucky for me because that's an inside section. I had a weird shift with lots of guests needing unusual things... I had a set of guests that were very angry because their preference for inside seating had not been noted and therefore we tried to sit them outside which they didn't want and then because there was 7 of them it meant that it was difficult to fit them inside. I managed to get them on 2 of my tables because it was really the only option so I spent 2 hours trying to win them back over... they were quite demanding as well but I feel with the help of a glowing tinker bell and some fast passes in addition to a nice meal they went away happy. I was well and truly ready to get home after that AM though so I left at about 5.30pm and got home with a banging headache. Took some painkillers and decided I really needed to make a trip to Walgreens to get some stuff for my apartment including loo paper! So I got the C bus to go back to Vista Way and ran into Rob and Kirsty who were going to the Dollar Store...  I joined them just to see what it was all about and then we went to Walgreens. Rob wanted pizza for dinner and so did I so it was actually cheaper to get a Pizza Hut delivery than buy pizza in Walgreens as they've got a special $10 thing going on at the moment. So we got back to the Commons and then ordered in pizza which was nom. Rob headed off after that to get ready to go out for the night but I was exhausted so I went to bed.

Yesterday was another AM and I was fully ready and prepared to extend to a Mid. But when it came to it, I was never asked and I just had a day of 'fed up with Disney' (doesn't happen often) so I didn't say anything and I ended up finishing at like 5.15pm. I was in 303 again and the guests were pretty standard to be honest... the only notable thing that did happen was that I got sat a table of 3. I went over and met them and the woman said she had a gluten allergy - well it wasn't noted on the seating card so I just said that if she went to any other Disney restaurants that she could note it on the reservation if she wished. I said I'd get the drinks and tell the chef to come out and we could discuss her options. So, I go to get the drinks and I told Chef Matt - he said he'd be there in a couple of minutes... when I go back out to give them the drinks - they'd GONE. Literally upped and left. I was kinda embarrassed and shocked because it's never happened to me before... the guest on the table next to them told me that she didn't know why they left. I was just a bit bummed out because I couldn't help but think I'd done something wrong... who knows. Ultimately, I rarely get scuzzed and most guests seem to like me as their server so I don't know what could have gone wrong - maybe they were having an argument or something, there was definitely something weird going on!

I got home and chilled out! There was a bit of a rain and thunderstorm after I got home so that was cool - I  watched Casualty and ate custard creams and Doritos for dinner (can you tell I have no food in my house?!)

Today is a PM, and tomorrow as well and then I'm off, yay!

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