Saturday, 7 January 2012

Celebrate You

So Fork and Screen was really fun! The theatre only has about 100 seats in it and you pay slightly more for the ticket... we went to see Sherlock Holmes (which is a sequel even though I didn't realise this) and I actually managed to understand it despite my lack of knowledge. Once you get into the theatre, you have a menu and a 'call' button, rather like being on a plane. So when you're ready to order, you call the server and they come and take your order. You sit on these really comfy seats with a table in front of you but it isn't obstructive which is good. I ordered Thai Coconut Chicken Tenders - soooo good. Towards the end of the movie, the server brings you your check and you pay it as you would in a restaurant. We didn't get out of the cinema until after midnight so we got a taxi home and went to bed.

On Wednesday, I was covering Heather's shift because it was her birthday (and I have saturday off in exchange) so I was chippy registers all day. We were inside because it was sooooo cold outside so that was good even though it means it's more of a squish in there and its slower because we can only process and fill one order at a time. I finished at like 6.15pm so that was good... I met Nick outside Cast Services and we went to Mall of Millennia and had Cheesecake Factory! That place is so awesome and the mall is really nice as well - rather reminded me of Cribbs Causeway actually because of all the glass ceilings and fountains everywhere. After that, we went back to his via Target and getting lost in downtown Orlando somewhere (where we saw the muchly hilarious 'Pres Barack Obama Parkway'...!) and then we watched a movie called Taken on Blu-Ray which was really good.

Thursday, Nick dropped me home and I got changed before heading to work. The shift was okay, you can tell the park is a lot quieter now so it goes a little bit more slowly... and then after work I got changed and a load of us went to TGI Fridays which was pretty awesome. I had Parmesan Chicken... nom. I am, by the way, aware of HOW MUCH FOOD I've eaten this week - feeling pretty unhealthy it has to be said! Anyways, got Kojak's cab home and went to bed.

Friday morning, I walked to the premium outlets and bought myself a pair of Vans because my trainer shoes from Primark have really seen better days. I also got a couple of other things over there before going back to Commons and then meeting Steffie and Ty for a cheeky Panera Bread before work. Ty has the use of a car this weekend so he drove us to work - luxury! Work was great - I tasked for almost an hour to start my shift and then was a seater for the rest of it... whilst it was still slow, I bussed my ass off which kept me busy and then did the rope for the fireworks. After IllumiNations was finished, they played Celebrate You out of the speakers which totally made my day!!! I haven't really heard that song in a park since 2010 and the days of using our lightsabres as pretend microphones... so it made me happy! Then helped to close Chippy and then got a text from Nick saying he was bored so I ended up meeting him and we went to Walmart for some food before watching Marley & Me (traumatic) and then sleeping.

And that brings me to today - Saturday! I slept in, washed my hair and am just waiting for Nick to finish work before we go to Animal Kingdom for a bit. I have some exciting things happening this week so watch this space for my next blog! :P

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