Friday, 13 January 2012

Tax Fun!

Well obviously not much has happened since I last posted... ummm I went to Steffies for a bit on Wednesday night then went to bed. Then on Thursday I had a pretty sucky day because I just got into one of those bad moods where I missed home and I didn't want to be at work, basically I was just unnecessarily grumpy and sad. However, I feel much better today and hopefully there wasn't too much damage done by the way I was yesterday... on the up side, I did do closing stocker again yesterday and it went brilliantly - I was clocked out at 9.35pm with everything stocked including the kitchen fridge, the empty kegs were across the road, all rubbish in the appropriate bins, water stocked in the chippie fridge and even napkins at the beer cart. Boom. Never thought I'd say I enjoyed a role called 'stocker' haha.

Anyway, with a bit of downtime today before work, I've investigated the tax form which  you have to do to reclaim your US taxes - seen as we're not residents of the USA we can get it back, yay. Extra $150 for me. So listen up people - you need to print off the 1040NR-EZ form from the IRS website (click here) as well as the W2 form which Disney should have emailed you... fill out the form and send it to the address listed in the email (it's in Texas somewhere) by April 15th. You can only use this form if you have no dependents in the USA... which presumably the vast vast majority of CRPs and ICPs don't.

So yeah, have fun with that! Extra Tragic Magic Hours tonight... woooo!

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