Saturday, 25 August 2012

Another thing ticked off the bucket list?

Well Friday was thrilling....! I got up and had Sweet Tomatoes for lunch with Tyler which was yummy before he went to work. I went home and uploaded more photos from the trip. Nick got extended at work and I finally met up with him at about 8pm, after I'd baked some fairy cakes to pass the time! We went to Chili's and I had a chicken burger before we went to the cinema and saw The Campaign which was VERY funny. We didn't get back to housing until about midnight so he just dropped me off and went home.

Today I was back at work and the weather was super nice - sunny and warm but with a strong wind, felt amazing!

The wind is the title of this post - or more specifically the fact we have Tropical Storm Isaac heading straight towards us! This is my third full summer I've spent in Florida and I have yet to experience a proper Tropical Storm or Hurricane! There's a strong chance that Isaac will develop into a Category 1 or 2 Hurricane as soon as it clears Cuba/Hispanolia so that's exciting. I don't think it's due to actually hit us head on but we'll definitely feel the effects for the next few days! My manager Whitnie was off today but I left her note saying I was willing to be on the "hurricane team" if we should need it/there's space. She signed people up on Wednesday when I was off work - gutted! Needless to say, I think it will be 86 Lower Deck for the next few days! (Using 86 before something in culinary terms means we've run out of it... but we use it before anything that is 'finished' or not used in the R&C as a colloquial term... so this week it will be 86 Amelia, 86 Dougie and 86 Sarah as they're leaving wahhhh)

Anyway, I was in 508 and had a busy section for pretty much the whole shift which was a pleasant change for the AM. After I finished with my guests I had to wait for the PM server taking over my section as she was on break (which went on for about an hour and 20 minutes... if I hadn't been having fun in the mean time I would have been much more irritated by this - we only get an hour) so I went out and played football in the street with podium, did Beer Cart 2 and gave guests "high 4s" with the Mickey gloves. Mucho fun. I miss doing the stuff like that on podium! Finally she came back from her break and I banked out. Got a text from Nick to say he got extended again and he finished at almost the same time as me so he drove me home via McDonalds, yay!

Tonight I'm off to Cowboys which I'm sure will be fun if sad (as always) because it's time for more people to leave! :'(

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