Monday, 13 August 2012

Did someone say adventure?!

Okay so quick update before I go so that when I update on my return, I won't have to mention the "boring" stuff!

Yesterday, I worked an AM shift and I was in 303 which was nice, mainly for the air conditioning. I swapped sidework with David in the end because I got sat at 3pm and he was almost done so that I was KD instead of him which worked out well. My guests didn't leave until about 4.30pm so I clocked out at 5. I got changed and headed into the park to try and find my sister a birthday present! I eventually managed to... after going to Mouse Gear and most of the World Showcase. I got quick service food in Japan which is another country ticked off my list! I got "Shrimp Tempura Udon" which was big fat noodles in a brown, salty kind of brothy soup and topped with two massive shrimp that had been deep fried (they tasted like a shrimp version of funnel cake LOL)... it was yummy actually. Then I got some apple strudel in the Germany QS which was okay... not that amazing. I headed home and washed my hair, packaged up the stuff to send home and then watched the last two hours of the Olympic Closing Ceremony...


I loved it! The who's who of the music world over the last 30 years and a Spice Girls REUNION! Also, loved Take That and the Freddie Mercury tribute... feel very privileged to be British. I started my program with the attitude that I "didn't care" about the Olympics being in London and I wouldn't pay much attention to it... and over the last two weeks have become addicted to watching all sorts of sports to see how Team GB were doing (or failing that, Team USA!)... I am happy that the USA won over China but mostly just amazed we came 3rd!

After it was finished, I packed my last few bits for the trip and went to bed.

Today was a simple day - got up, went to work, printed some stuff off in the learning center, got to the R&C, set up the kitchen, got an ER, home by 12.30pm. WIN!!! I straightened my hair and painted my nails, watched an episode of Casualty and now just waiting for Nick to get done packing before he comes to pick me up and we can start our desert adventure!

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